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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year, A New Do--Hair-do that is!

I saw these adorable felt flower head bands and barettes in a gift shop down the street from my parents house. They were so sweet, that I thought I would try my hand at making one before I handed over 12 bucks for one of theirs.

Like my hair model?? Well she is also the clothing model, baking model, and basically an all around good gal to know :).

What you need:
Hot Glue Gun
Barette Clip
Pinking Shears
Different Colored Felt

1. Cut eight petals. 4 using a one inch diameter and 4 using 1 1/2- 2 inches in diameter.

2. Also, cut one circle for the center and arrange your flowers on a piece of paper or counter top before you start gluing.

3. Glue starting with the largest petals on to the clip and follow along with your smaller petals and finally the circle in the center.

The whole thing from start to finish, including drying--took about 20 minutes!

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