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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kids Designers You've Never Heard About

I love me an outfit from Baby Gap.  In fact on any given day, Laura or Caroline can be seen in skinny denim or wide leg yoga pants, however I am growing tired of what they've had to offer lately.  My next go-to spot for cute kids' clothes is Boden.  Their designs are super cute but also super expensive, so I figured if I am only going to lust over the clothes I want to really lust.  I want some original designs that I haven't seen before.  Alas, my list of children's designers that you've never heard of before-mainly because they are foreign and not accessible to us yanks, but ADORABLE none the less.

Noa Noa- a Danish designer that also does some very cute women's ready to wear

Anne Wille- French Designer with a flair for vintage meets contemporary

And The Little Dog Laughed- Australian designer with the cutest bloomers and knitted gifts.  From the knitted toys to blankets and tees, I wish this one was available to us!

Some looks can definitely be recreated by selecting pieces from various American vendors, but I also just liked the way kids were "styled" in the catalogs.  Gives you good ideas!  

Super Saturday!

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