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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hush Little Baby....

Ever since these darned teeth have been coming in, Caroline has been having the worst time with naps and going down by herself. I have tried to Ferberize her but all that does is make Mommy a ball of stress! I have tried Barton Schmitt's method, by comforting her constantly and giving her a soft toy. Neither method worked for poor Caroline. She just loves her cuddles (hehe and secretly so do I...are you starting to see the problem?). So anyways, I moved the glider into her room yesterday afternoon and I made her a mixed CD of lullabies and I am pleased to say that they have worked! Well at least for now (they change so much!)

Laura enjoyed the Rockabye Baby series and I thought that they were pretty cute too. It is a collection of modern or popular songs put to the harpsichord. They are really cute but are mostly harder rock artists. I looked on iTunes for an alternative and I found The Lullabye Ensemble. They are sooo cute! They have a variety of genres. My personal favorite is "Baby Goes New Wave." It is all 80's songs and they even include Journey, Dexy's Midnight Runners, and The Buggles. Check it out! I also found it on Rhapsody so you can sample the songs.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What to do on a rainy day....

Build fort!

Laura even made Mommy a treat! What a good hostess! Caroline enjoyed tea while we played in the fort!

Friday, October 1, 2010

OMG! Project Runway Upset!!!

Ok so I promise that this will not be a total rant and/or retelling of last night's episode, but after watching , I am shocked and stunned! Where do I begin???

First, Chris I love. I know that Rachel Roy is an acclaimed designer and I know that Michael and his ladies are also established in the industry, but come on, Chris has good clean designs and whether his off the shoulder design wasn't "easy" enough for Heidi and Rachel, well I don't know but I loved it.

Gretchen- I love your styling. Really love it, but come on, it exists in every Anthro/Urban catalog. Someone is not humble and someone needs to brings herself back down to plant Earth. You are not the most talented designer to grace PR's runway (that would be the most fierce and major Christian Soriano...ahh a Maryland boy at heart).

April- you are growing on me-though after Peach left, you changed your stripes and are now BFF with Gretchen...shady shady (BTW, never liked Peach's designs but LOVED you Peachy!)

Michael is a lucky little bugger, but I like how he plays the game. I think one of the best quotes from the season comes when you are in the top with Gretchen and you praise her by saying how honored you are to be in the safe crowd with her and THEN in your confessional you say that you were lying through your teeth. hahaha oh you ARE a tricky one Michael!!!

Andy- You must have said a prayer to St. Anthony because you were lost and boy did he find you!! You got spared! And truth be told I can't really talk about you because......(this leads me to my next point.)

Valerie!!! Oh my dear Val! I have appreciated your designs from the beginning, even when evil Ivy was in your ear, you took the high road and designed for women who want to look sexy. Oh Val you will be missed and I really think that you should've stayed and Andy should've said good bye.

Mondo- I was truly moved by your courage and honesty. Your design was literal enough to illustrate your deep secret yet you never used the secret to propel your status in the competition. Although, I would never step out to say the Safeway on Willard Way in one of your creations, I respect the heart that it took to create it! real love (sorry Laura, Caroline, and Pete but this guy had me at Hello),

Tim- You were flawless. Your stylish suit was only outshined by your class and wit and dedication to your pupils. You have an open invitation to Sunday dinner-on that you can rely.

Before I leave, I must comment on one thing. Although my admiration for Tim will only be matched by possibly my closest family members, Austin in zebra sheets with his American Girl doll was probably the cutest thing I have seen since I saw Laura feed Caroline for the first time (ok that was two weeks ago, but still it was funny/adorable/terrifying at the same time).

Ciao Fashionistas!