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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hush Little Baby....

Ever since these darned teeth have been coming in, Caroline has been having the worst time with naps and going down by herself. I have tried to Ferberize her but all that does is make Mommy a ball of stress! I have tried Barton Schmitt's method, by comforting her constantly and giving her a soft toy. Neither method worked for poor Caroline. She just loves her cuddles (hehe and secretly so do I...are you starting to see the problem?). So anyways, I moved the glider into her room yesterday afternoon and I made her a mixed CD of lullabies and I am pleased to say that they have worked! Well at least for now (they change so much!)

Laura enjoyed the Rockabye Baby series and I thought that they were pretty cute too. It is a collection of modern or popular songs put to the harpsichord. They are really cute but are mostly harder rock artists. I looked on iTunes for an alternative and I found The Lullabye Ensemble. They are sooo cute! They have a variety of genres. My personal favorite is "Baby Goes New Wave." It is all 80's songs and they even include Journey, Dexy's Midnight Runners, and The Buggles. Check it out! I also found it on Rhapsody so you can sample the songs.

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