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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cute in Corduroy!

Ok I know that the top picture has nothing to do with the rest of my posting, but come on, her funny face is pretty funny. :) Today I whipped up a market skirt in navy corduroy. Laura has dinner plans with her pals Mav and Jackson, and of course "sister baby" as she calls her. My mom got her these adorable striped tights with a teddy bear on the tushi! We needed a cute skirt to go with them.

I got the idea from Dana over at Made. I had made Laura one last spring in purple seersucker with a white ruffle, and although that one was much for fun and flouncy, this one will be great with leggings and tights. To top it off it is super warm! The fabric is from and only costs $4.17 a yard, which is nice because this skirt definitely didn't even take 1/2 a yard so it was super cheap to make. Happy Skirt Sewing!

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