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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I tried it, take 2! Sticky Paint

This idea is genius and delicious!  What is there not to like about sweetened condensed milk???  This paint is made in a muffin tin with the sweet stuff and food coloring!  I had to slap my own hand from trying to eat the paint--what am I back in kindergarten???

They had so much fun painting!  When it dries, it has a wet look to it.  I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and the pinner said that this was mess-free....uh not so much.  At least not when you do it with toddlers.  Come to think of it, what is mess free when toddlers are involved?  There was actually a good deal of mess but since the paint is think it pretty much stuck to that drop cloth.  I would be careful doling it in a carpeted area.  ( Our carpet is on its way out the door, so I didn't care. :) )

Sorry for the dizzy picture but picture manager didn't allow me to alter this for some reason, but I did want to show how cool it was that they mixed colors in the extra muffin wells.

Overall it was a great idea and I am glad that I tried this pin.  Super cheap, since a can of the milk costs about $1.99 and the kids love the feel (and taste-I let them try it prior to coloring it) of it!

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