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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Furniture Re-do

I had this coffee table that my mom gave me when they got some new family room furniture.  I liked it because it was pretty sturdy but our family room/play room was pretty dark so I had to paint it brown.....
pretty depressing huh??

Ok that is better :)  Stick a cutie on it and it's fine right??  Well almost..... I took Laura with me to Home Depot and let her pick out a paint sample.  It was super cheap and we got a little more than the traditional size all for around $4!  Now it's...............
PINK!!  It matches the pink play kitchen, pink motorcycle, and pink bunny chair in the room!  I mean we could have gone traditional but this is just so much more fun! :)  Cheap, easy, and took about one afternoon to prime and paint!

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