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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We Made It Wednesday: Little Girl's Hair Bows

Today we made hair bows to adorn our hair These little numbers are sooooo easy to whip up and you can make them very cheaply as gifts or last minutes "must have" accessories. Hehe!

ribbon (I like grosgrain the best.)
Quick Grip Glue or Hot Glue Gun (Quick Grip is less messy, but use what you have.)
Snap hair clip
needle and thread

1. Wrap the ribbon around the clip and glue down.
2. Cut 4 strips of 7 inch ribbon. I used two types of ribbon on my pink bow and it worked just fine. You can be as fancy or as simple as you want!

3. Lay them printed side down in a star pattern as shown below. Take your needle and thread and insert the needle through the middle of the star so that every piece of ribbon has been pierced by the needle.

4. Next, join the ends of the ribbon to the middle one by one and sew them down to the center of the star.

5. Attach a button and glue down to snap clip. :) There you have it! It takes only a few minutes to make a customized hair bow for your little one!


  1. I love hair bows or at least little hair bow models.

  2. that comment from Jerry seems well.....very stange that he likes little girls....???