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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sew Along: Part 2

Gosh, sorry I haven't posted in a few days. So here is my progress thus far. I am almost done and have learned a lot while completing this tunic, like attaching sleeves and how to not screw up a pocket haha. Enjoy!

The first step in the section of the sew along is cutting the fabric. I used paper pattern pieces to trace and cut my fabric, but from now on I am using muslin. It is wayyyy easier to move the fabric around if needed.

After cutting the pieces out, I gathered the pocket by setting my machine to the longest stitch with the least amount of tension and then I just pulled the strings together. I also sewed some extra material to the top for a polished look.

Then I zig-zagged the remaining pieces so that the fray would be minimized.

After that, I attached the pocket to the front of the tunic. I did this on an angle for a little different look hehe.

Next, I sewed the front and back together (wrong sides facing out). It was starting to look like an actual top!

My final step in this part of the sew along is creating the gathering for the top of tunic. I used the same technique as the pocket.

I had to stop there because my tiny tailors were begging to go on a puppy hunt. :) We take walks in our neighborhood quite often and we ALWAYS find the same dogs. I think that Laura was hoping that there would be new discoveries on this walk. :) See you back tomorrow!

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