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Friday, September 3, 2010

Get Ready to Purge!

With the fall closing in on us I thought that it was time for me to purge myself (and my poor family) of "stuff" that we don't use anymore. I went to work in our room collecting clothes that I have had since college. I came across several of my husband's polos that he had purchased at Britches. Yes, I said Britches!! Didn't they go out of business back in the '90's??

The embarrassment didn't end there. I found a down coat from high school, 3 copies of "I Love You As Much", 2 copies of "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" and several pairs of flip flops with tags still intact. Geez- perhaps I should do more purging and rid myself of clothing and accessories that have been in my closet or dresser for more than 3 months! Hopefully my mess will inspire others (and myself to keep it up!). Happy Labor Day weekend!!


  1. wow! a coat from high school?! i'm scare to see what i have just piled away. lol
    i'm a new follower from "new friend fridays"

  2. Can't wait to read all about you later this evening - glass of wine in hand, better than magazines!
    Followed you from the hop!
    and would love to be a blog you check everyday :)