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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The 20 Minute Bib

The 20 minute Bib
Like my bib model?  She's a natural :)  Today we are making bibs--fast, easy, and cute!  These bibs are great to give as shower gifts or as baby's first meeting gifts (the day I bring over meals to my new mom friends :)

They can be made with scraps and fat quarters.  You can get creative and use old towels for the backing too, since terry cloth is excellent as sucking up spittage.  For the bib shown, I used a scrap from two scraps of different Riley Blake fat quarter and about a foot of minky (Minky and Chenille are traditionally used in baby clothing but they can be expensive.  Get on the Joann Fabric email list and you will get tons of 40% coupons.)  Here is the list of all materials:

about a foot of terry cloth, minky, or chenille
about a foot of one fabric (again I used scraps, so just print out the pattern and see what you have laying around first)
half a foot of a coordinating fabric
one velcro set (you can buy a pack of 4 for $1.59 at Joann)
Cardboard/Tag Board/Cardstock (Optional)

1.  Print out the pattern here.  I glued it to the back of an old cereal box for durability.  If you think you may only be using this pattern once, just go ahead and skip this step.  The cardboard is used just for durability.

2.  Use the pattern to cut out the large pieces in both your backing and main bib material.  Then "half" the bottom portion of the pattern to trace the pocket in your coordinating fabric.

3.  You should have three pieces.  Then take the pocket and make a fold of about 1/4 of an inch down.  Crease it by ironing the fold down and either zig-zag stitch or serge the fold down.  This will help to reduce fraying.

4.  Line your main bib fabric and pocket up so that the pocket is laying on top of the main bib and both "right" sides are looking at you.  Sew pocket onto main bib material.

5.  Take your backing and newly sewn bib front and place the two pieces "right" sides together.  Pin together to make sure that it stays in place.  Sew entire length of the bib STOPPING with about 2 inches left.  You will need this open in order to flip the bib inside out.

6.  Flip bib inside out and you should have what appears to be the entire bib completed.  Where you have created the opening, fold the fabric in slightly and sew the opening closed.

7.  Take your velcro set and at the top of the bib, sew fuzzy side up onto the FRONT top of the bib and the sticky side to the opposite BACK top of the bib.

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