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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Free Music'

In the mood for a freebie?  I always am, and one of the blogs I like to visit recently featured an $0.89 MP3 of kids Sunday School songs on Amazon.  I downloaded the collection, but it got me looking...looking for more deals...of the FREE kind.  This is what I found.

Sleep Like A Princess

Sweet lullabies for your little princess.

Veggie Tales: 5 Super Silly Songs

The girls LOVE these!  They are cute songs like, I Love My Lips and The Hairbrush Song.  Silly and short, and I don't mind listening to them since the girls giggle so much.

150 Songs Just For Kids

Songs like London Bridge is Falling Down and Baby Bumblebee...good solid basics.

Ok not free but almost....

May's Favorite Silly Songs for Kids

$1.99, cute songs like Big Rock Candy Mountain and Five Little Monkeys

Classical Music For Baby's Bedtime

$0.99 This is over an hour of classical music for baby, played on a loop so you can turn it on and not worry about it stooping periodically.

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