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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Pattern for the First Day!

I had been browsing Etsy for the perfect vintage dress pattern for Laura's school dress.  I found this one from 1965.  I LOVE how innocent and sweet the dress is and besides the buttons, it was pretty easy to make.  Her favorite feature are the "treasure pockets."

 My little one LOVED her dress and frankly was a slave driver while I was sewing it.  She'd ask everyday where I was in the process and if I was going to work on it that day.  When I started the buttons, she would come and sit next to me and say, "Wow Momma, those buttons sure do take you a long time.  Do you need help?"  haha This is why I am so glad that her smile expresses how happy she was to be dressed and ready for her first day of school.
 I love this girl, she is one of my two favorite models ever--without a doubt!

12 buttons............(sigh)

 Ours isn't quite as short as the pattern called for, but I thought that it would get me a little more wear out of it.  Well, at least a few extra months maybe.....My sleeves were also a little too large and the sewing is definitely amateurish but it made me so proud when her teacher commented on her pretty dress and she beamed and said, "My mommy made it!!" :)

The fabric is Michael Miller's Children at Play in Meadow Pink.  

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