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Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Auction for Ruby Jane

Due to some pesky dental issues, I have been chained to the couch and bed for most of the day.  My wonderful in-laws took the girls to the fair and petting zoo out in Loudoun County so that the hubby can nurse me back to health and so that I can get some rest--I am not good at getting rest.  :)

I checked up on several of my favorite blogs to see what was going on in blogosphere.  Weekends tend to be quiet, but when I stumbled upon one of my favorite blogs Make It-Take It I saw that she was sharing the story of a family with two little girls, one just a little baby.  This little baby started a fight for her life when she was just 3 months old.  Her tiny liver was failing her.  This is a sad story and one that unfortunately does not have a happy ending.

Although I know that this is a sad story, this family is bound and determined to create something positive from their experience.  Follow their story and check out the Ruby Jane Foundation Auction site as well.

This is a tough one to read, especially for any mother, but it's stories like these that truly remind us of what we have and that every day that we are with one another is a gift.  Nothing is owed to us.  We have such a short time on Earth, some shorter than others, but it is what we do with the time that we have together that counts.  If you have a minute or two just check out their site and the auction.

Just for the Record- Ania and Matt Taylor

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