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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Sales!

A new school year is upon us which means……tons of sales! Although my little ones are not joining any academic ranks this year, I always enjoy a good sale. Here is a list of some good ones, both online and in your stores. I’ve also added some websites that send out weekly sales. I love these sites because they are GREAT for baby gifts and unique little novelty tees and shoes-plus if you get them through the site they are offered at a fraction of the price.
Gap: 30% Give and Get for Charity Sale
The Mini Social: All sorts of weekly deals from Crocs to Little Giraffe Blankies
Trumpet Socks: Gift Set $10 off! From $25 to $15
Boys’ Converse Chuck Taylors: $11.90!
Crocs: Adorable Mary Jane Crocs $9.99
Tulle Plie Skirt: Who doesn’t love a tutu?
Little Man Polo: Sooo cute and soo cheap!! $2.99
Ralph Lauren Baby Boy Polo: $9.99 down from $25
Stylish Kids: I just discovered this site. It’s cool because it acts as a search engine to locate sales for specific brands.
There are some to get you started. I will post some more super sales as I find them. Happy Friday!

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