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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green Bread Mommy??!?!

Yes, Laura, green bread.  Tonight for dinner I am making cowboy chili and cornbread.  I wanted to get more veggies in these lovely little ladies so I added two ripe avocados and a little extra skim milk to a Jiffy cornbread mix.  The results.....pure green magic!  Delicious, sweet, and fun to look at, this bread was nearly gobbled up before Daddy could make it home.  Laura had 3 pieces (ok so did I) and little C had two!  Whip some up and see for yourself the yumminess of green cornbread!

 Bread is no good unless you have butter slathered all over it.  :)
 Job well done.  Thumbs up Mom!

 Chew, Gulp, Repeat....
Got anymore?  I'm one now, I can handle the some more.

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