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Monday, April 26, 2010


So this is my first posting....I came up with the idea to blog because I have recently become a stay at home mom after teaching for 5 years. Being at home with my two girls has been a lot of fun but I realized that hanging out with a 21 month old and a 3 month old requires much more hard work and patience than I had ever imagined. I decided that I had to come up with activities to do around the house, neighborhood, and our hometown of Fairfax, a suburb of D.C. I hoped that starting a blog for other young stay at home moms would inspire others like me to try new things. SOOO in the three months that I have been home I have tried my hand at sewing, knitting, gardening, attending children's rock concerts, play groups, playgrounds, farms, organic cooking, meatless Mondays, and much more....My blogs will be about these endeavors and others that I try.

Hopefully my restlessness and need for continuous activity can give others some insight into activities to do with small children when faced with the age old statement, "I'm bored." Enjoy!


  1. Had to follow because I can't wait to be a mommy and try all kinds of fun things with my kids and family! xo You are too cute!

  2. Oh wonderful!! Well keep coming back! I am working on a baby skirt tutorial that is super easy. Hopefully you can use it for your little gal one day!